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Tom Peters is a main character of the series Tom Goes to the Mayor and is played and voiced by Tim Heidecker.


The overall appearance of Tom did not change throughout the show, aside from clothing and costume changes, and alterations to his hairstyle. In the Original Tom Goes to the Mayor Shorts he had a beard but is otherwise similar-looking to his show counterpart.


Tom and his family

Tom Peters was born on ?? 11th, 1969. In the show Tom Goes to the Mayor, he is married to Joy Peters and has 3 step-sons: Brendan, Brandon, and Brindon and lives in the town of Jefferton. He once lived in the neighboring town of Springerton.
In TGTTM, he does not have a steady job, but he often gets short-term jobs and projects working with The Mayor of Jefferton.

Personality and Traits[]

  • Tom has a very passive personality, always accepts things as they are, and rarely challenges the status quo. In order to move up in the world, make money, or have a better image, he accepts any job, regardless of the consequences.
  • As quoted from the show intro: "I'm full of ideas!", Tom has many decent, logical ideas. They are then misinterpreted by whomever he presents them to (often The Mayor), but he either doesn't challenge the misinterpretation or he tries to challenge it but is not heard. He is often the scapegoat of the ensuing problems, even if the problems arise from ideas that weren't originally his.
  • In the DVD commentary for the show, Tim & Eric mention how often Tom is put in a situation where he is humiliated or put in an awkward position in front of his children.
  • Tom often apologizes, even if his actions are justified or not his fault.
  • He is often seen in a weak or vulnerable position: sick (Boy Meets Mayor, CNE), naked/shirtless (Joy's Ex, Calcucorn, Re-Birth), injured (Vehicular Manslaughter), mentally unstable (Rat's Off to Ya!, Puddins)... and is often verbally insulted by his wife (Porcelain Birds, Toodle Day, Vehicular Manslaughter, Gibbons)...
  • His relationship with the Mayor is interesting because the Mayor can never seem to remember who Tom is nor his name. In each episode, Tom introduces himself to the Mayor every time he goes to the Mayor's Office.
  • Tom's name is often misspelled on various documents, especially as Season 2 goes on.

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Season 2[]

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  • Tom's name in the Original Tom Goes to the Mayor Shorts was Tom Bradley.
  • Tom's "maiden" name in Tom Goes to the Mayor is Tom Pickle.

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