Packaging Design

  • The front cover features the show logo and Tom Peters & The Mayor standing in the middle. In the background throughout the entire cover is a collage of items seen in many of the episodes, such as Calcucorn, Paul Bunyon, ROTY shirt, Barrel Goats, electric guitars, and food.
  • On the back cover, the collage of items continues. At the top there is a bulletin board with some memorabilia from the show, such as the Jefferton wrestling team's bumper sticker, Mayor's parchment poetry, and some of Tom's postcards.
  • Inside, the DVD listings are designed to look like a menu from Fishanelli's restaurant. The DVD discs have graphics of food on them.


Disc 1

1. Bear Traps
2. WW Laserz
3. Pioneer Island
4. Toodle Day
5. Rats Off to Ya!
6. Porcelain Birds
7. Vehicular Manslaughter
8. Boy Meets Mayor
9. Calcucorn
10. Gibbons

Disc 2

1. Pipe Camp
2. Re-Birth
3. Vice Mayor
4. My Big Cups
5. Bass Fest
6. Jeffy the Sea Serpent
7. White Collarless
8. Wrestling
9. Saxman
10. Spray a Carpet or Rug

Disc 3

1. Surprise Party
2. CNE
3. Friendship Alliance
4. Zoo Trouble
5. The Layover
6. Couple's Therapy
7. Glass Eyes
8. Undercover
9. Puddins
10. Joy's Ex

Special Features

  • Commentary track on every episode
  • That's Amazing!: How Do They Make That Show?
  • The Night of 1000 Stars: Celebrity Sessions
  • A Look Behind
  • Original Toms
  • Whoops?: Deleted Scenes
  • Tiny Tune Town: Music From the Show
  • Here's the Scoop: Married News Outtakes
  • Bob Zone: A Tribute to Bob Odenkirk
  • Boiling Point: Behind the Scenes Season Two
  • Adult Swim and TGTTM Promos
  • An Artist's Touch: Artwork from the Show

Easter Eggs



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