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Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!
Title Card
Genre Sketch Comedy
Created by Tim Heidecker
Eric Wareheim
Starring Tim Heidecker
Eric Wareheim
No. of episodes 30
Running time 11 Minutes
Original run February 11, 2007 – Present
Status Airing

Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! is the 22nd Williams Street original television series. It's produced by WS with Absolutely and airs on the Adult Swim block with a run-time of 11 minutes. It was created by Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim who also write, direct, star, do voice-over work, and act as executive producers on the show. It was spiritually preceded by Tim & Eric's previous show Tom Goes to the Mayor.

Each episode contains a collection of quick surreal sketches featuring song numbers, mock commercials, and mock programming usually in the vein of unintentionally bad public access. A large chunk of each episode's sketches is continuous but presented in a non-linear fashion. These sketches are linked together with a specific theme, which may make its way into seemingly unrelated sketches. This theme is often the episode title, and is usually a mundane object.

The show is shot in live-action, and features a huge amount of greenscreen special effects (that are often intentionally poorly rendered). Using glitchy, surreal, abstract, and often unpredictable video editing, the show often aims to create common, but extreme discomfort. The cast of the show ranges from well-known celebrity guests to alternative comedians, actual public access stars, senior citizens pulled off the street, recruited bad talent, and craigslist posters.


The Married News Team in Tom Goes to the Mayor

The show was the result of Tim & Eric's halt on their previous series Tom Goes to the Mayor. This previous series contained many earlier versions and ideas of things that would later be the core of Awesome Show. Cinco, a fictional company in Tom became a large part of Awesome Show, with many items and mock commercials being the product of the company. Casey and His Brother were first used in advertisements for TGTTM.

The Married News Team were characters that were crossed over, and became main characters. The main characters of Tom were featured in the second season episode Pepperoni in live-action as a tribute. Gibbons, a recurring character of Tom made an appearance in the Season 1 episode Friends as a cartoon character on an animated television series. Commentary on the DVD confirmed that the cartoon was originally supposed to be an entire sketch, but ended up scrapped.

Behind the Scenes[]

Because of the short length of the episodes, each one is made by a very small crew (when compared to other television series). The production is handled in a large office space Tim owns, half of which is taken up by props. The actors and props are filmed in front of a green screen area, around the office, or in specials cases parts of the town they shoot in. A large amount of special effects are added in later (and in the show joked to be handled by extremely dated technology). The various musical themes for the show are contributed by the editor Doug Lussenhop (under the name DJ Douggpound), and in some instances special musical guests who are featured due to their interest in the show.

Since Tim, Eric and other recurring stars play various characters, a large amount of costuming is implemented. Actors are casted in several different ways. Reccuring roles are usually given to friends of the show or recruited talent, such as Richard Dunn (who was literally randomly pulled off the streets and cast), and David Liebe Hart due to his involvement in actual public access. Special celebrity guests are usually cast because they seek it out due to interest, or Tim & Eric contact celebrities due to their interest in the celebrities.

Cast and Crew[]

Regular Cast[]

Guest Stars[]



Main article: List of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Characters

Due to every episode featuring multiple fast moving sketches, there are many characters featured in Awesome Show, and are usually unnamed. Recurring characters include the following.

  • Tim & Eric are the most frequent characters on the show, and are portrayed by themselves. They usually go through trials of friendship, sometimes resulting in the death of one or both of them.
  • Richard Dunn is a real-world senior citizen Tim & Eric pulled off the streets to appear on the show. He appears in a variety of sketches.
  • David Liebe Hart is a real-world public access celebrity. He is a singer and puppeteer. His character on Awesome Show is very much like him, usually talking of encounters or knowledge of aliens, notably the Korendian race from Star Korender.
  • Uncle Muscles is the host of Uncle Muscle's Hour, Channel 5's Telethon remeniscent live musical program.. He features musicians Casey and His Brother and dance-offs.
  • Casey & His Brother are two children who appear on Uncle Muscles Hour. They perform live musical acts. Casey usually performs badly due to a disease that gives him the appearance of having bad eczema, and frequent regurgitation issues. His Brother is usually dressed in an outfit that reflects the song, such as Space Clothes or a Hamburger. They first appeared in TGTTM advertisements.
  • Steve & Mike Mahanahan are two brothers who own a chain of stores specializing in child clown and child clown acessories. Steve's store sells child clowns. His methods of employing them are through kidnapping of both the child and their parent, and this method eventually led to his demise. Mike sells shoes for child clowns, and his store is located by his brother's store and endorses it.
  • Carol and Mr. Henderson are an employee and the boss of an office space, respectively. They're both in love with each other, although Carol's love is seemingly unrequited. Although, these are just Mr. Henderson's attempts to cover up his affections with violence and insults.
  • Beaver Boys are a pair of party boys who have their own show. They have an infatuation with Shrimp and White Wine, which is the topic of the show's Theme Song Beaver Boys.
  • Chippy is a hairy mustached infant creature resembling a grown man. He appears in Where's my Chippy, a sketch that operates much like a "Where's Waldo?" look and find book. He usually appears in distress, and always ends up emitting a high-pitched screech. His mother is reminiscent of bigfoot, featuring six nipples. The appearance of his mother and her location classifies chippy as a species of wild animal.
  • Pierre is a father obsessed performer who appears in instructional videos teaching children how to dance to hip-hop and meditate. During these performances he often expresses desires to meet the children's dads. He may or may not be the father of either Casey or His Brother.
  • Kid's Break Kids are two unnamed performers who appear on Channel 5's Kid's Break, a series of pseudo-educational musical segments. The two children sing about their problems, such as their father's dirty socks, their bathroom habits, or incestuous tendencies.
  • Danny Mothers is Channel 5's host of Looking at Films. He is bumbling and inattentive, and his show features many technical errors. He often interrupts or provokes his guests with factual errors.
  • Spagett is a personality who will "spook!" people for charge. His face is usually covered in Spaghetti. He's been the star of his own hidden camera television show, where cameras follow him around as he sneaks up and "spooks" people. A Hollywood Movie by Steven Spielburg was made in the meta-universe of the show.
  • James Quall is a real-world celebrity impersonator, who Tim & Eric pulled onto the show due to his unintentionally bad impersonations. His character's claim to fame is that he is a "man of 12+ voices." He is perhaps best known for his Jack Nicholson impersonation, which he performed in his first appearance on the show.
  • Maria Bamford is a stand-up comedian who plays herself in the show. This version of herself acts in advertisements for items such as lotion products and cat accessories. Each time the commercial is interrupted by a mental breakdown caused by her traumatic past.


  • Grill Vogel hosts the training video "Business Hugs" with instructions for hug techniques appropriate for the work environment. These moves include the "Power Embrace" and the very tricky "Give n Take".
  • KAZ ; Japanese tiny hat spokesman and happended to be a odd facial expressed character. always colors the show with his mug shots.


  • Great Job! is used in instances where someone does a bad job, for ironic effect. It's written over a frozen frame of the bad job instance and narrated. It's featured in almost every single episode, sometimes featuring alterations that match the theme of the sketch or episode. The use in the title of the show is a reflection to the content of the show, which is mostly parody of unintentionally bad public access programming.
  • Salame is a word spoken by the alien Korendian race. It's used to greet or bid farewell to someone. This is a non-fictional word and usage according to David Liebe Hart, who has claimed to have contact with them. It's use by fans of the show is sometimes the same as Great Job! due to it being used as the first alteration of it.
  • Pep Pep is interchangeable with the words "dad" and "grandfather". It's said by many characters in the show in many instances, referring to their father, but is not always used. Derivations: Peppy and Pepper. Feminine versions of the word are Mem-Mem and Nan-Nan.
  • Chippy is the name of a half-man-baby/half beast that occasionally appears on the show, but is also a call to the creature (or any general creature) when used in the context of, "Here chip chip!". In an interview, Tim and Eric disclosed that the origin of the term "chippy" came from watching vintage gay dutch pornography in which a narrator would refer to the female stars as "chippies."
  • "For Your Health!" is a catchphrase used by Dr. Steve Brule. Alterations to the catchphrase replace "Health" with a word relevant to the subject Brule is giving tips on. Examples include "For your wine!" and "For your technology!"

Episode Mechanics[]


Intro Art

The intro opens with floating heads of Tim & Eric jittering and extending their tongues. When their tongues almost touch, the camera zooms on to the tongues to reveal miniature Tim & Eric's suited in orange and dancing. These smaller versions would later be central to a sketch in Hamburger. The camera shifts into the background where kittens float forth and tongue each other. Other items flow forth from this void such as a hot dog and telephone.

Tim & Eric's heads come back into the camera and pieces of their flesh gradually explode off until the titles burst through and glimmer. The title card is then narrated. Each episode features a different narration to the Great Job! portion, usually by a character or item that appears inside the episode. Certain episodes feature alterations to the opening to fit with their themes. The music used for the intro is the Awesome Theme.


The outro features the same glowing yellow font at the end of the intro, used for every credit. In the background, Cat Heads fire up and explode into several smaller Cat Heads. They operate similar to fireworks. It then cuts to the standard Williams Street Logo. Certain episodes feature alterations, and certain episodes feature different songs. However, the usual song featured is Awesome Ending Theme.


Main article: List of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Episodes

The series premiered with Season 1 on February 11th, 2007 and later ended in April 15th, 2007. The first season consisted of 10 episodes, as do all following seasons. Season 2 aired from November 15th, 2007 to January 27th, 2008. The season was previewed on Tim & Eric's web-series weeks before airing. Season 3 aired from May 6, 2008 to September 28th, 2008. The season was previewed during the Awesome Tour for 2008. Season 4 begins Sunday February 8th.


Tim & Eric Nite Live[]

Main article: Tim & Eric Nite Live

Nite Live Intro Segment

An interactive online spinoff Tim & Eric Nite Live was featured on Super Deluxe. It was described as a "live" talk show. However, a running gag in the show was someone accidentally giving away that they were lying, and that the show was shot days before streaming. It featured various segments and performances by Awesome Show characters and personalities. It previewed clips of Season 2 (which had at the time not been aired) as well as performances by characters yet to appear on the show. Several Awesome Show themes are shared such as technical errors and trials of friendship between Tim & Eric. This spinoff series also ended up with 2 spinoffs of it's own, which also streamed on Super Deluxe. Tim & Eric Not Live, an episodic "documentary" of their 2008 tour. The other spinoff was the result of a contest in which DJ Douggpound won. He was awarded his own series DJ Douggpound: In the Mix.

Future Spinoffs[]

Check it Out! Starring Steve Brule is planned for 2009, and will be a spinoff televison mini-series consisting of 8 episodes. A game show featuring Awesome Show guest star Neil Hamburger is also to air around the same time, it's currently tentatively titled Neil Hamburger's Big Ball.

Media Releases[]


DVD Cover Art

The Season One DVD was released April 22, 2008. It's a 1-disc set packaged within a clear amaray case. It features all 10 episodes of Season 1. They're presented in Full Frame (1.33:1) video, and in 5.1 English surround sound and 2.0 stereo sound. Bonus features include How'd Dey Do Dat?? (Making of Featurette), Lost Gems and Deleted Scenes, Awesomecon Footage, Oops and Ding Dongs (Bloopers), Promos, GREAT! (But Not Great Enough): Extended Scenes and Missing Moments, and Commentary for every episode by series regulars.

Special promotional events related to the DVD's release included DVD signings by Tim & Eric. These signings were done in-character and filmed for Tim & Eric Not Live. A Promotional Offer on the Williams Street Shop ran a week before the DVD's release. The offer gifted people who pre-ordered the DVD a Limited Edition Chippy Pillow. It ran for 2-3 days and was quickly sold out.

The Season Two DVD was released February 10th, 2009. It's a 1-disc set packaged in a white amaray keep case. It features all episodes of season two and a wealth of special features. These include a blooper reel, deleted scenes from seasons 1 and 2, extended scenes, season 2 advertisements, karaoke videos, Kaz Kiss, Edgar Allen Poe IV, Awesomecon 2008 footage, and a long look into their 2008 tour with Tim & Eric Not Live edited in.


Main article: Awesome Record, Great Songs! Volume 1

CD Cover Art

The Tim & Eric Awesome Record, Great Songs! Volume 1 CD was released May 6th, 2008. It includes 49 songs, all of which aren't included on it's 1 disc. The disc includes 43 songs from seasons 1 and 2. Including full versions of songs featured in episodes, covers from artists including The Shins, Aimee Mann, and Built To Spill, or remixes from DJ Douggpound. Autographed CD's were sold at Tim & Eric's tour in 2008 a month before commercial release.

A subsequent EP came with the Casey and his Brother EP Cassette. It was a promotional item, offered for free for a week in the Williams Street Shop. To get the item, you had to purchase a Tim & Eric related item or spend 40 dollars on any un-related OR related items. The Cassette includes every Casey and his Brother song up until Season 3, even including those used in the original TGTTM advertisements.


A slew of merchandise has been released related to the show including apparel, posters, and calenders. A majority are sold independantly on the Tim & Eric Store, with some exclusive items sold at the Williams Street Shop. Please see those articles for individual item information.


Special Events[]


  • "Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job" Tour (2007)
  • Awesome Tour (2008)(2009)


Main article: Awesomecon

'08 Logo

The convention Awesomecon is an event hosted by Tim & Eric annually at the San Diego Comic Con. It's described as a Tim and Eric themed out-door fun fest. A signup period features ice cold meat bbqs and karaoke. After signups, they go on with the contest rounds. The contest activities include wheelbarrow racing, tug-O-war, three-legged racing, wet balloon tossing, costumed sing and dance-offs hosted by DJ Douggpound, and trivia. Prizes are given for each round of the contest including Tim & Eric apparel, hats, tattoos, DVDs, and the grand prize of a waverunner ride with Tim & Eric. Additional activities include a Chippy treasure hunt, photograph posing with Tim & Eric, B'owl Piñata bashing. Characters from Awesome Show may make appearances such as Spagett (who will spook attendees), Carol, and several others.

In 2008, Williams Street toured multiple college campuses with the Williams Street County Fair and Expo. The event was a demographic-targeted marketing project for Williams Street series airing at the time. Featured in the tour were several Tim & Eric themed games, activities, and items. One example was "Whack-A-Chippy", a machine game similar to Whack-a-Mole modeled after the "Where's my Chippy?" sketches. Instead of Moles, shrieking Chippy's pop up out of holes and you have to whack them for points. Also featured was a photo booth with Tim & Eric, which super-imposed Tim & Eric's faces next to your head. Promo items included a white visor with "Great Job!" on the front and a "I whacked at the Williams Street County Fair 2008" shirt featuring chippy. Awesome Show occasionally make appearances at conventions that aren't independent or Williams Street run. These feature previews for seasons or spinoffs or signings and appearances by Tim & Eric themselves.



Entertainment Weekly, a popular entertainment magazine gave the show an extremely positive review. They described the show as "brilliant", expressing love of their re-runs that "never get old", and expressing high praise to it's strange universe. "Theirs is a strangeness so otherworldly I often break into a glistening full-body sweat." [1] Another positive review came from TV Squad, a popular internet weblog about television. They hailed the show as "Absurd, hilarious, and ground-breaking." [2] IGN, a popular entertainment resource site, reviewed every episode of Season 1. The median rating is "Decent". [3]

The Hollywood Reporter, a major trade publication for the film industry gave it a negative review. They described the skits as seeming aimless and the dialogue "less impressive than the computer graphics and special effects." They criticize Tim and Eric by saying they "settle for quick and inconsequential gags." [4] Another negative review of the show came from TVShowsOnDvd. They heavily criticized the show, going so far as to state the entire point behind the show as the reason of dislike. Despite negative review of the show, the DVD received praise for sound and video quality. [5]


Television viewer ratings gauged by Nielsen have been profitable in the target demographic of males aged 18-24. Adult Swim Video episode streams receive scores of 5-8/10 with average viewer ratings at 100,000 - 200,000 in the premiere week. Popular Television Community site TV.Com lists the approval rating as 7.4/10 - Good, with a total of 200 votes. [6] IMDB, a popular film databese which also covers television, has the community approval rating as 7.0/10 with a total of 2,300 votes. [7]

Discussion boards, comments sections, and such on the subject of the series that allow readers to express an opinion are filled with extreme discussions. These typically feature both dedicated fans and dedicated detractors, and the many arguments between them. This phenomenon was previously seen with TGTTM, cementing T & E's comedy style as polarizing, leaving very little middle ground between positive and negative opinions towards it.


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