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The Mayor of Jefferton is one of the main characters on Tom Goes to the Mayor and is played by Eric Wareheim.


The general look and style of The Mayor did not change at all throughout the course of the show, aside from clothing and costume changes. His appearance did not change from the Original Tom Goes to the Mayor Shorts.


The Mayor and Terry

Not much is known about The Mayor's past, not even his actual name! All that is known is that he has been the Mayor of Jefferton for many years.

According to the Adult Swim website, he has served Jefferton for the past twelve years, due to family connections, low voter turnout, and a strange local law which gives the mayor thirteen-year terms of office. However, it is worth noting that the Mayor has been in office since the Pioneer Island Theme Park burned down "20 years ago."

At one point in the episode "Couples Therapy" he even states, "Hello, my name's the mayor" when introducing himself at the therapy.

He has a wife and three sons, and lives in a beautiful house outside of Jefferton. He also has a nephew named Terry.

Personality and Traits[]

Mayor's Office

The Mayor has a very short-term memory and becomes easily distracted.
He is an antagonist to Tom Peters but it seems that it's unintentional.
There have been discussions that The Mayor may be a evil personality, ruling over Jefferton as a sort of Hell. This discussion stems from his evil behavior in Pioneer Island and the ending to Spray a Carpet or Rug.

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