Pronto is a minor character on the show, 12 Oz. Mouse.

Personal InformationEdit

According to Shark, Pronto is an "archerist"; he excels at archery, and as Shark's favorite assassin, he uses the bow and arrow as his weapon of choice. His extreme proficiency with a traditional bow allows him to fire several arrows per second, but he also has an automatic crossbow that is able to fire even more rapidly and with enough power to take down a helicopter.

Pronto's excellence with the bow and arrow does not, however, translate into occupational success. He fails at most of his assigned tasks, and in fact only succeeds in assassinating one individual: the SFX Guy hired by Fitz to stage Golden Joe's death.

Importance to the PlotEdit

Pronto's appearances on 12 Oz. Mouse are infrequent but often pivotal. Shark twice instructed Pronto to kill Fitz, but Pronto failed his task on both occasions. Pronto was also assigned to kill Handbrain in order to prevent Handbrain from reuniting with Roostre and activating the Corndroid, but he also failed this task.

Perhaps in pursuit of his own agenda, Pronto later stole the Animal Chain from Shark's video room and used it to summon Amalockh. Amalockh offered a treasure chest to Pronto in exchange for the Animal Chain, but later became enraged and ate Pronto.