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Metalocalypse is the 17th Williams Street Adult Swim Original series. It was created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha, and has a runtime of 11 minutes (With few exceptions).

Metalocalypse is a parody of Death Metal culture, it combines dark comedy and Apocalyptic intrigue in following the exploits of the part-American/part-Scandinavian death metal band Dethklok. The band enjoys a popularity level unheard of in reality, ranking just above Belgium as the twelfth largest economy on Earth. They are so popular that impressionable fans will often do anything their songs tell them, even if it means death, which is usually the case. If Dethklok endorses a product or service, it quickly drives every competitor out of business.

The term Metalocalypse refers to a mystical prophecy relating to a worldwide Apocalyptic event, which the band is predicted to usher in via their Metal music and reckless and frivolous association of evil Underworld forces in their music and lifestyle. The band's unnatural popularity and trail of destruction has attracted the attention of an Illuminati-style group, known as "The Tribunal," which is dedicated to monitoring Dethklok's activity and preventing them from becoming too powerful; typically, episodes involve the Tribunal attempting to maintain and perpetuate public ignorance and rampant consumerism whenever Dethklok's antics inadvertently threaten to upset it.

It's produced by Williams Street and Titmouse with executive producers Keith Crofford and Mike Lazzo.


Metal Crew

Metalocalypse's Crew.

As Home Movies had ended its run in 2004, Brendon Small started hanging out with writer friend Tommy Blacha. They went to metal shows around the same time they were both trying to pitch shows to different networks. This was how they came up with the idea of doing a show about a metal band that was 100 times more popular than The Beatles. They came up with the storyline, wrote a theme song and had friend Jon Schnepp design the characters. The series was originally called Deathclock, but the name could not be used due to an existing trademark. The show and the main characters' band were then renamed Dethklok. The show's title was then extended to Dethklok Metalocalypse, although the starring band still retained the name Dethklok. The title was finally shortened to Metalocalypse because the extended show title was too complicated. They pitched the show to Adult Swim, which was greenlighted in 2005 with a 20-episode contract.

Behind the Scenes[]

Cast and Crew[]

Regular Cast[]

Guest Stars[]

  • Laraine Newman ("The Curse of Dethklok") – "News Reporter," "Grandma," "GMILF," ("Dethfam") – "Rose Explosion", "Pickles' Mom," "Skwisgaar's Mom" ("Deth Wedding") - "Pickles' Mom" ("P.R. Klok") - "Liz Bane" ("Dethcarraldo") - "Nathan's Grandma" ("Klokblocked") - "Celebrity Gossip Show Host"
  • Jon Schnepp ("Birthdayface) - "Dr. Gibbits," ("Skwisklok") – "Video Director," ("Dethrace") - "Dr. Gibbits"
  • Laura Silverman ("Girlfriendklok") – "Rebecca Nightrod," ("Dethstars")
  • Andy Richter ("Dethstars") – "J.F. Amarth"
  • Richard Christy ("Dethgov") - "Governor Kip Slaughter"
  • Brian Posehn ("Dethsources") - "Melward Fjordslorn"

Musician Cameos[]

Guest of... Episode Character(s)
Michael Amott Arch Enemy
109: Snakes 'n' Barrels
Snakes 'n' Barrrels II
Antonio Tony DiMarco Thunderbottom
Emilie Autumn Emilie Autumn 111: Fat Kid at the Dethharmonic (Performed all violins)
Warrel Dane Nevermore 109: Snakes 'n' Barrels
Snakes n' Barrels II
Sammy Candynose Twinskins
King Diamond King Diamond
Mercyful Fate
105: Murdering Outside the Box
112: Skwisklok
113: Go Forth and Die
114: Bluesklok
Ronald von Monoldburg
Employee 421
Dimmu Burger manager
The Devil
George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher Cannibal Corpse
Paths of Possession
113: Go Forth and Die
114: Bluesklok
115: Dethkids
120: The Metalocalypse Has Begun
203: Dethvengeance
212: The Revengencers
Dimmu Burger customer
Depressed Fool's Cap Hippie
Football Player
Metal-Masked Assassin
Marty Friedman ex-Cacophony
211: Dethrace Mr. Gojira
Angela Gossow Arch Enemy 213: Klokblocked Lavona Succuboso
Kirk Hammett Metallica
101: The Curse of Dethklok
103: Birthdayface/Happy Dethday
104: Dethtroll
Two-Fingered Fan
The Queen of Denmark
James Hetfield Metallica 101: The Curse of Dethklok
103: Birthdayface/Happy Dethday
104: Dethtroll
106: Dethkomedy
201: Dethecution
Lorkey the Sailor
Gene Hoglan Death
Dark Angel
Strapping Young Lad
214: Dethsources Health Inspector
ICS Vortex Dimmu Borgir
204: Dethdoubles
207: Dethwedding
209: Dethcarraldo
Nathan's Double
Seth's other friend
Ihsahn Emperor 205: Dethfashion Eric von Weichlinghammer
Mike Keneally Dethklok
ex-Steve Vai
ex-Frank Zappa
201: Dethecution Comdemned Prisoners & Barbecue Dad
Jeff Loomis Nevermore 108: Performance Klok Murderface's Dad
Mike Patton Faith No More
Mr. Bungle
The Dillinger Escape Plan
Peeping Tom
216/217 Snakes 'n' Barrels II Rikki Kixx
Samoth Emperor
205: Dethfashion von Weichlinghammer's Assistant
Silenoz Dimmu Borgir 201: Dethecution
207: Dethwedding
209: Dethcarraldo
Aftermath Person with No Arms
Seth's Friend
Steve Smyth Nevermore 109: Snakes 'n' Barrels
Snakes n' Barrels II
Snizzy Snazz Bullets
Trym Torson Emperor
205: Dethfashion von Weichlinghammer's assistant
Devin Townsend ex-Devin Townsend Band
ex-Steve Vai
ex-Strapping Young Lad
206: Cleanzo
207: Deathwedding
208: P.R. Klok
Bink Bonk Blammymatazz
Dr. Mil-miniman Lanillim Swimwamly
Zit-faced Fan
War of Apocalyptic Visions Metalocalypse TV commercial (Guest vocals)


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  • Nathan Explosion is the frontman, lead vocalist and lyrical visionary of Dethklok. Portrayed as a tall figure, with long black hair and black fingernails, Nathan always speaks in a deep, gravelly voice, even when not singing. He is apparently the lead songwriting force in Dethklok, and uses violent imagery or plot elements when writing and composing song material.
  • Skwisgaar Skwigelf is Dethklok's lead guitarist. He plays a Gibson Explorer, which he often carries even when not playing. Hailing from Sweden, Skwisgaar possesses a heavy Swedish accent. He is responsible for the majority of the arrangement of Dethklok's songs, writing both the guitar lines as well as Murderface's bass lines.
  • Toki Wartoothis Dethklok's rhythm guitarist. He typically plays a Gibson Flying V. A native of Norway, he has a distinct whisker-like style of mustache known as the Fu Manchu, long brown hair and very pale blue eyes.
  • Pickles is Dethklok's drummer. He was raised in Tomahawk, Wisconsin and speaks with a Yooper dialect. He refers to himself as very Irish American and has red hair, styled into dreadlocks and a comb-over skullet. He is depicted as having an average build with a slight beer belly.
  • William Murderface is Dethklok's bassist. He plays a Gibson Thunderbird Studio 5-string. He has brown hair, lime green eyes, a heavy lateral lisp and a diastema. Murderface's father killed his wife with a chainsaw before turning it upon himself in a grisly murder-suicide. Murderface is "a self-hating bass player who's always trying to act like he's more important than he is," in part because his bass playing is usually mixed out completely.

Dethklok Employees[]

  • Charles Foster Ofdensen is Dethklok's manager, legal counsel, and CFO, the latter also incidentally being his initials. He acts as the voice of reason against Dethklok's constant disregard of law and logic. He acts as manager, lawyer, and advisor to Dethklok, protecting the band against everything from slowing record sales to themselves. Ofdensen is one of the few individuals seen to interact with Dethklok for any significant length of time and evade subsequent mutilation or death.
  • The Klokateers are the brutal overseers of the band's various properties and the roadies for their concerts. They all wear black hoods and black uniforms, and in general resemble medieval executioners; however, certain members dress differently when necessary, such as the pilot of Dethklok's helicopter (The Hatredcopter), whom the band wrote a song about.
  • Jean-Pierre is Dethklok's stereotypical French chef, the most recent in a long line to cater to the band. He was mangled in a helicopter blade accident, but was sewn back together poorly and put back to work (Which he met with enthusiasm).
  • Dick Magic Ears Knubbler is Dethklok's music producer. He was first sent by the tribunal to monitor an album recording, but Dethkloks music convinced him to turn on them.
  • Dethklok's Doctor is an unnamed doctor dethklok meet at various points in the series. The doctor usually does whatever Dethklok asks, despite the fact that they ask him to do things any ordinary doctor would never consider. He often insults them.

The Tribunal[]

Main article: The Tribunal
  • Senator Stampingston
  • General Crozier
  • Cardinal Ravenwood
  • Vater Orlaag
  • Mr. Selatcia

The Revengencers[]

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  • Dr. Rockzo Is a self described Rock and Roll Clown who does cocaine. He dresses in a psychedelic metal clown suit, and talks in a high pitched voice. He befriends Toki, and is later hired by the Tribunal. Rockzo has made a transformation to sobriety and was known as Cleanzo, but quickly went back to doing many drugs.

Episode Mechanics[]




Season 1[]

Season 1 aired from August 6th, 2006 to December 17th, 2006. The season fully introduced the main characters, themes, and plot of the show. The plot of the show came to a cliffhanger when the Metalocalypse prophecy had apparently begun.

Season 2[]

Season 2 aired from September 23rd, 2007 to September 7th, 2008. The season began without fully continuing on the prophecy beginning, except exploring what happened to the Tribunal Members in a subplot. The rest of the season followed the suit of Season 1. 2 several month long hiatus' split the season into 3 seperate runs, due to crew involvement in the Dethtour. The season featured the first 30 minute long episodes, one being the season hiatus return premiere, the other being the season finale.

DVD Release[]


Main article: The Dethalbum

The Dethalbum was released on September 25, 2007, in both standard and deluxe editions. The album is a combination of full length tracks from the series and completely new songs. The album debuted at #21 on the Billboard 200 chart with 33,741 copies sold in its first week. The Dethalbum was also streamed 45,000 times when it went live on AOL Music during the week of its release.




Metalocalypse creators Brendon Small (left) and Tommy Blacha (right) in a guitar showroom.

Dethklok, the in-show band, also endorses several real-world music products, including Krank Amplification, Gibson Guitar Corporation|Gibson guitars, EMG, Inc., David Eden Amplification, Universal Audio, M-Audio, Dunlop Manufacturing/MXR, and Line 6 gear. The song "Hatredcopter", can be found on the European release of the Saw III soundtrack. According to the official Dethklok MySpace, the Gibson Guitar Corporation was also planning on making a Dethklok signature guitar. The song "Thunderhorse" is featured in the game Guitar Hero II by Harmonix and Red Octane as a bonus song. During the 2008 Winter NAMM convention in the U.S., Epiphone displayed a custom signature Explorer guitar.

The Dethtour[]

Main article: The Dethtour

Dethklok does have a touring band, although there are no actual human counterparts to the characters on the show. The band consists of show co-creator, vocalist & lead guitarist Brendon Small, who writes & sings most of the music for the show, alongside drummer Gene Hoglan, bassist Bryan Beller, and rhythm guitarist Mike Keneally. Dethklok toured with Chimaira and Soilent Green during June and early July 2008.


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