The fictional town of Jefferton is the setting for the show, Tom Goes to the Mayor.

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The town has a completely barren environment. There aren't any trees, and the only lake is a man-made lake. It's not even a dammed river, it's literally a man-made lake with a fake bottom. Most of its features are strip malls. There are high-tension wires throughout. There are few natural animals in the town, aside from birds and dogs... however there is a zoo.

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  • Tom Peters
  • Joy Peters
  • Bear Trap Brothers: J.B. & Kyle
  • Terry
  • Zynx
  • Bill Joel
  • Pat Croece
  • Barb Dunderbarn
  • Coach Harris
  • The Sandlemans: Ben & Shamus
  • Dr. Vickerson
  • Scroatch
  • Wizzard

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