ATHF Vol 4


Packaging DesignEdit

The DVD comes in a folder within an outer cardboard box. The box front has Ignignokt's face on it, and the back has pixelated-style DVD listings and small pixelated Aqua Teen characters at the bottom.
On the DVD folder is more pixilated art related to the DVD's episodes, such as images from Video Ouija. Inside the folder is Err's face. Where the DVDs fit in is a pixilated/drawn art collage of images from the episodes on the DVDs. On the DVDs are Meatwad (Disc 1) and a striped background (Disc 2).



Disc 1Edit

1. Video Ouija 2. Unremarkable Voyage 3. Mooninites 3: Remooned 4. Gee Whiz 5. Edork 6. Little Brittle 7. Robositter

Disc 2Edit

8. Mooninites 4: The Final Mooning 9. The South Bronx Parasite Diet 10. Dusty Gozangas 11. T-Shirt of the Dead 12. Hypno-Germ 13. Spacegate World

Special FeaturesEdit

  • Commentary on: Video Ouija, Unremarkable Voyage, Gee Whiz, Edork, Little Brittle, Mooninites 4: The Final Mooning, Dusty Gozangas, Hypno-Germ, and Spacegate World.
  • Funny Pete Stuff
  • San Diego Must Be Destroyed 2004
  • Spacecataz
  • Raydon
  • F-art
  • The Faces in Front of the Throats That Make the Voices That Speak Into the Microphone
  • Send Us Money for This

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